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  • Final expenses insurance is also sometimes called funeral insurance or burial insurance, but it’s unique from life insurance. It helps your loved ones cover immediate expenses after you pass away, including costs for a funeral, memorial or celebration of life, burial or cremation, or could help to pay for some outstanding debts.

    Life insurance, on the other hand, is designed to replace lost income over a longer period of time after you pass away. It often takes longer to pay out, which can make it challenging for your loved ones to use it for immediate costs.

    Unlike most traditional life insurance products, FiftyUp Final Expenses Insurance doesn’t require a medical exam or complicated paperwork to be accepted. In fact, if you’re aged 20 to 80 and a Canadian resident, excluding Quebec, you’re guaranteed acceptance.

  • Email us at or call us on 1-844-339-96611-844-339-9661 between 8am and 8pm (ET) Monday to Friday.

  • No matter how healthy you are, it’s still important to plan for what happens when you go. Taking out final expenses insurance is one way to help you protect your loved ones from high funeral costs, and other bills or expenses you may leave behind.

  • Final expenses, including funeral costs and bills you’ve left behind, can add up. Taking out final expenses insurance helps you protect your loved ones from those costs, while also giving them the means to honour your memory in the way you want. Designed for people over 50 and seniors, final expenses insurance is also easier to get than life insurance, with guaranteed acceptance and no medical or blood tests required.

  • How much coverage you choose will depend on your family’s needs when it comes to covering your final expenses. Based on what you envision for you and your family, you can choose a level of FiftyUp Final Expenses Insurance coverage that suits you, from $3,000 up to $25,000. If you’re unsure, our licensed advisors can help guide you on the best level of coverage for your needs.

    We also understand that when things happen by accident, your family may not be prepared at all. That’s why we also provide a triple payout for accidental death.

  • Final expenses insurance premiums are not tax deductible, and there is generally no tax on benefits received by you or your beneficiaries. Funeral costs and other final expenses, such as administrative fees related to your estate, are also considered personal expenses and are not tax deductible.

    The Canada Revenue Agency website provides more details on some of these costs, including tax information.

    Always seek qualified professional advice about the tax implications of any insurance product as tax laws may change in the future.

  • Yes, you can buy final expenses insurance and pay the premiums for your parent(s) provided you can provide written consent from the person who will be insured.

  • Final expenses insurance provides coverage for immediate costs after you pass away, including funeral costs, burial or cremation services, outstanding bills, and more.

    When you pass away, your beneficiaries will receive a lump sum payout that they can put towards your final expenses and last wishes, or anything else they might need. It’s a financial helping hand you can provide for your family in the future, so your loved ones can use it for what they need most.

  • Final expenses insurance works much the same way as other insurance policies. You’ll pay a monthly or annual premium, based on factors such as on your age, gender and smoking status, and the coverage amount you choose.

    When you pass away, your family will receive a lump sum benefit payout they can use to cover any immediate expenses, such as a funeral service, or outstanding bills.

  • Final expenses insurance is designed to cover any immediate expenses after you pass away, such as a funeral service, burial or cremation costs, or outstanding bills. However, since your beneficiary will receive a lump sum payment, they can choose to use the money on whatever they need at that difficult time.

  • Final expenses insurance is also known as funeral insurance or burial insurance. It’s designed to help cover final expenses, including funeral costs, burial, cremation and more.

    Life insurance, on the other hand, is designed to replace a person’s lost income after they pass away. It can typically take longer than final expenses insurance to pay out. That means that while life insurance payouts can go towards funeral costs, having final expenses insurance can give you additional peace of mind because the claim will be processed without unnecessary delay.


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